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  • All new and redesigned for 2015! The Pro-V2 Rev 5 aka the Pro-V2.5 in Brushed Stainless with "Red Alert" Pyrex Tube
  • The incredible new Pro-V2 Flat Cap Option for the P3, Provari Ti and for beauty/tattoo ring users.
It has P3 style Trimwork, yet retains small teardrops on the top cap to pay homage to it's Provari heritage.
  • Purple Reign
  • Pine Green
  • Charcoal Smoke
  • Sapphire Blue
  • Amber Gold
  • Bahama Teal
  • The Flat-Cap Option comes standard with a Provari pattern airflow design on it's bottom cap. It improves air flow to the carto by almost 40%.
  • The Pro-V2.5 has almost zero air resistance due to it's improved venting design. Four air vents are each fed by their own air channel.

The PRO-V2 Carto Tank (Rev. 5)


 Product Description


The Pro-V2 name is synonymous with the finest tank made anywhere for the Provari. Period. 


That's why we have made the Pro-V2 even better and cut $10 to make it even more affordable. We want you to be thrilled with owning the best and getting a good deal while doing it.


The Pro-V2 comes with our Fused Quartz Glass Tube as the standard option, but you may also choose our High-Resistance PETG Polymer Clear Tubes at no cost. We also offer our new SpectrumTanks Color Pyrex Tubes for a truly head-turning look at a small additional cost.


As always, all Pro-V2's are constructed of T316 LVM Anti-Microbial Surgical Stainless Steel, to give maximum strength and dent resistance to it's owner. Plus the anti-microbial Ionic layer of LVM actually fights microscopic bacteria, much like surgical instruments do. 


The Pro-V2 comes standard as always with a "Skirted" Bottom Cap with a tapered flush-mount cut, CAD generated trim and newly improved Airflow vents and channels allow it to breathe completely unrestricted.

We couldn't leave the owners of the new Flat-Top Provari Ti model or the incredible P3 without the choice to own their little slice of perfection, and we developed the new flat bottom cap option that comes with updated trimwork trim and a special Pro-V2 only Airflow design. A carto tank has simply never looked so good or performed so good!


Why is it copied and imitated so often? Because it was the first of it's kind and is still the best carto tank made for the Provari today. Do you or your Provari deserve anything less?






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  1. The Best Tank Ever!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by David on Jun 28th 2014

    If you own a Provari do yourself a favor get the Pro-V2 You will not be disappointed it brings your juice to a new level. The people at Vaperfexion will take care of you and work with you anyway they can I highly recommend them

  2. AWESOME!!!

    Posted by DC on Jan 13th 2014

    I had wanted one of these for a while, glad I got a chance to get one, it was worth the wait!
    I am way more picky and critical than most people, and I have to say I love almost everything about these. Quick review:
    Very worthy of a Provari in quality and beauty, the workmanship is top notch here. the 'brushed stainless' finish will match perfectly. Seems like a natural extension of the Provari, I cant imagine going back to anything else, basically exactly what I have always wanted.
    No issue at all with the bottom extension, works great and does not scratch.
    Most importantly of all, is it easy to use and does it work well? YES! beauty means nothing if the product is problematic. Fortunately these work as great as they look, easy to fill ect. all the pieces fit just right, not too tight or loose, as simple and easy to use as a standard carto tank.
    Negatives? I can only think of one, the clear color tubes are VERY dark color, beautiful and well made, but tough to see the juice level, if this is an issue for you, I would recommend the lighter colors, Purple and black are nearly opaque.
    Five star, solid 10 product, get one, you will be glad you did!

  3. The best of the best

    Posted by Ellis Morgenstern on May 30th 2013

    I got the proV2 (killer) style and I must say its beauty full I got mine polished and its looks perfect I got the extended battery cap and the bottom flange of the proV covers the Existing brushed metal that comes on the Provari so it has an all new KILLER look !!!!! Thanks Vaperfexion !!!

  4. Best tank I have had so far

    Posted by Unknown on May 20th 2013

    Hello All,

    I just wanted to write down some clarification on this page as I love this tank. The review by "zaleski" has a lot of points in it that I do not agree with. I almost did not get this tank because of it.

    1.)You do not have to punch new holes in pre-punched cartos because they are too low. I have used pre-punched smoktech, ikenvape, and the ones sold by provape and they have all been fine.

    2.)The tank did not scratch the top of my provari at all after taking it on and off several times.

    3.)I use the side fill hole and use the top of a standard juice bottle directly with no spilling issues of any kind. (I was always put of by holes needing the use of a syringe - this does not need one which is a huge bonus to me.)

    Having said that there are points that I agree with.

    1.)Definitely get the brushed stainless to match a provari.

    2.)You can't see through the black onyx color at all. If you want to see your liquid levels, the charcoal grey is a good color and looks good with a black provari.

    I have been vaping for 3 years and this is the best tank I have ever had. I just didn't want anyone scared off by the negative comments in the earlier review. I would absolutely recommend this tank for anyone with a provari or provari mini.

  5. Great Tank, Looks PERFECT on my provari

    Posted by SimplisticStyle on Apr 11th 2013

    I ordered the mini tank for my Provari and first I must say the mini tank is the perfect size and still holds a ton of fluid (enough to get me through a day no problem).

    I ordered it brushed with the charcoal tube. The brushed style is a perfect match.

    For those who are considering charcoal vs black. I was told that the black it is very hard to see your liquid level. THe charcoal is still very dark and looks black but can see your level if held up to light (which I like) So I was very pleased with the charcoal tank on the black provari. Still looks very good together.

    Overall I am very happy with my purchase and must say it looks GREAT on my provari.

  6. Best looking tank for the provari out there.

    Posted by Paul on Mar 26th 2013

    Wow what can I say. I've been looking for a tank that would fit flush with my provari v2 for a couple months now. I've had my eye on this one, but decided to finally pull the trigger a couple days ago.

    Just got this tank, and wow does it look amazing! I love everything about it. The airflow is perfect, the fill valve is great, the fit and finish are amazing. (I got brushed) Great quality work right here, and worth every penny.

    So happy with my purchase!! THANKS VAPERFEXION!!

  7. Great look.

    Posted by zaleski on Mar 3rd 2013

    Alright I', am currently boiling some carto's to get rid of the metallic taste from out of the manufacture. When i received my Pro-v2 i was concerned.

    1. dont make my mistake if u have a provari and think that satin stainless is gunna work. no it does not look Perfect must get the brushed. This is not why i gave it 3 stars though.

    2. of course u have to use standard boge cartos and even the ones u buy from a vape shop they are still a little to long.

    3. the carto that came with the tanks was horrible. tasted bad and i noticed i dont think it was a real boge. it is shorter than the normal boge cartos and this bugs me.

    4. you have to punch holes in all cartos that u buy somewhere else because the holes are too low for the tank so it wont breathe. be carful not to make them to big though or it will flood. This is my biggest thing. i paid 85 bucks for a tank and there is still work to be done.

    5. if you plan to take the top cap off with juice in it DONT! cause once u out it back on it will push all that air that just got into the tank and force lots of juice into the carto flooding it. Once u get the lvls down though it does help speed the priming process up a bit.

    6. after putting this tank on for the first time it scratches the top cap on the provari u will notice this. For me huge deal. not only are u paying for this tank not your 170 dollar pv is scratched and you did not drop it. =?

    7. the packaging is in a felt little black back and this is more than most with the usual bubble wrap but still seems too cheap for a $85 purchase.

    8. there was metal shavings in my bottom cap
    this is not a huge deal just something i noticed.

    9. when filling thru the optional fill hole make sure u have a syringe top bottle and you have to stick it all the way in to fill still slow so that u done waste juice and it comes pouring out.

    10. just a warning the black onyx tube is not see thru at ALL!!! get the grey one. This was a problem for me i like to see it.

    11. for the price it should come with extra 0-Rings and it does not. this is not a threaded tank the bottom cap and top cap are oRing only. that was a slight concern.

    This all is not huge just thought everyone deserved everything up front cause it is pricy. All and all i give it a thumbs up =). Great tank looks great feels great. i did not get the xl version i like small but i still get a ton of juice into it. You have to remember it is a 22 OD tank so you can still get lots of juice. Looks smooth I think that the skirted bottom cap could have come down just a hair more so that the top cap on the provari was not visible. has not leaked on my yet unless of course over filled. Feels heavy in hand like the review on the pro-vex sems like a tool now. love it.

  8. Beautiful Tank

    Posted by Mark on Mar 2nd 2013

    This is the 3rd atnk I have purchased from Vaperfexion. The Pro-V2 mini looks fantastic on my ProVari Mini. The craftsmen ship and fit are perfect, the finish is dead on. The service and fast shippping from the guys at Vaperfexion is second to none.

4.00 Ounces



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