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The Cartomator™ 19mm Stainless and Titanium Tanks

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The Cartomator has been and still is an undeniable object of desire. If it had a gold chain, it would qualify as jewelry, but it has to settle for simply providing the finest vaping experience available. In either T316 Stainless Steel or in Grade 2 Unalloyed Pure Titanium and in 3 choices of Finish; Polished, Brushed and Satin. These caps still draw attention. Combined with 6 colors of Polycarbonate pipe, the Tank that started a revolution, continues to be the best carto-tank on the market. As soon as you pick it up, you'll feel the solidity of it, test the silky smooth fit of the carto and know this is the last tank you will ever need. Whether you choose Stainless or Titanium, these End Caps are engineered and turned to perfection. The choices of T-316 Stainless Steel and Grade 2 Titanium by us, were made for one simple reason. These are the safest materials known for food contact applications. Both are chemically inert and lack impurities. Even when used in heavily acidic, alkalyde or corrosive element applications. If you are a serious vaper then there is really no choice to be made. You are in this for the long haul, shouldn't your equipment be also? 


                                                        The Cartomator has many different  looks....All of them amazing!


             "Nature's Chrome", Polished 316 SS Caps    Type III SS Tube w/Airflow Bottom   The Stunning and rare Pro-V